Monday, March 29, 2010

H&M Sandals + Create A Look


Sandals are in for Spring/Summer. So go get a pair! :p I'll be getting mine when I get some money for my B-Day coming up on April 2nd. Anyway H&M has these great sandals for $29.95 WOW, cheap price right?! So do you like what the model is wearing? H&M's website has a "Create A Look" type of game where you dress your own model. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! lol This is what I dressed my model in which I made his clothes revolve around the sandals. I dressed him kinda Bohemian (since its my favorite style) by giving him: A gray cardigan with a black outline- its Spring but it still gets chilly at night, a violet t-shirt that reads "Made of Money," black sweats... Yes, sweats guys! And of course the sandals. What a comfy look. I love it! Guys I've learned over time that it is all about feeling comfortable but being trendy; after all that is one of a Fashion-Forward Dude's main objective. Ah the power of fashion... jump on the band wagon.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

My B-Day Wants!

Friends that read my blog please take notice lol.
Everything here except for the Tiramisu cake and the camera is from Urban Outfitters.
Want to make one? Go to



There is no need to introduce this amazing, creative, fashion-forward, oh-so-talented chick right? Well of course to those of you who have been living under a rock for the past two years then allow me to introduce the goddess Lady Gaga. It is her B-Day today! WOOHOO! I wish her the best and many more to come. No wonder why she is the CHICK OF THE WEEK. I love her! And this Twitpic is super duper hot.


Friday, March 26, 2010

David Roemer_Photographer


This is Photographers David Roemers work. He is so talented! Very editorial, very clean-cut and party scenery. There is way more where these pics came from. Check it out:


I am loving the gladiator sandals! It continues to amaze me. Look closely they are all different.
Yeah shoulder pads!

Look at the golden sandals! (I'm telling ya their in for the Spring guys!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I thought I will do something a tiny bit different by merging my random favorite animals with fashion. To view and read the following please use the following: Imagination. It'll truly make it better to understand.


For instance the Blue Whale- a magnificent animal who I believe is completely misread. Considered a mammal but my empathy tells me that he is just one big fish with the reproduction system of a mammal. They say that the Blue whale sings but I think he is crying in agony from the cruel misconception. He is feared by fish and respected by shark. He truly is the king of the ocean. The shark is just the rebel. He swims so gracefully in his own ocean of tears. We see it as a ocean but truly they are the tears of the unfortunate blue whale. I love how the dress roams so elegantly on the model. This picture for some reason reminds me of a whale.

the Swan- the undercover princess. In the morning an obedient princess and at night a sexual swan. She swims so gracefully. Look at the picture of the swan emerging from the lake.. it is so elegant, it looks like the swan is transforming back into its princess form... Swanderella. She is truly enchanted. I was blown away when I found an editorial pic of a model with the resemblance to a swans look... one word- sophisticated. Her makeup down to her feathered dress is exactly on point.

the Seahorse- This one was a tough one to find. Lastly on the list of my favorite animals is the little seahorse that swiftly moves around the ocean like a horse on its rightful land. Not to be confused with its look-a-like the horse. The seahorse embraces his looks and announces it to all in the ocean with its trombone-like snout. He has courage to shout out his self acceptance. So cocky that he goes around town carrying the babies in a pouch- a very feminine thing to do right? Nope, this fish is very masculine. He is fierce LOL. Don't let the size fool ya.

Hope you enjoyed it!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

A Night Out with Friends

The Crew

My Taylor Lautner Face lol

Deep in a conversation

And this is exactly how I took off my shoes after a long night out with my amazing friends. My feet were killing me... What an amazing night.

IT BOY Taylor Lautner

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yummy-Looking Rings

Fashion-Forward Dudette's!!

Roaming around on my search to find "Futuristic Fashion" on google images I bumped into these amazing rings by SouZou Creations. And I can't be selfish and keep them all for my own enjoyment. I completely thought about what will my female readers AKA my Fashion-forward Dudette's say about these rings? Wouldn't they just adore them?! For me these sweet-tooth rings for some reason give me the Alice in Wonderland feel that I always get. Since the recent movie came out everything seems to belong in the Rabbit Hole-- It's magical... don't judge me :p If you would like to buy these yummy accessories visit this link which there is so much more! And between you and I the prices are super cheap! You'll be rocking a master piece on your fingers that look too good to eat... but be strong and enjoy!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Find your Inner Gladiator


Ok, I know this picture is kinda small and you can't really see the models gladiator sandals completely well but bare with me. Guys please concentrate, keep an eye on the sandals, just keep all the focus on them... Aren't they sexy?! Hell yeah. I want them so badly now! This ad is from the clothing line T.I Men which I think happens to be an Asian brand... I'm not sure though. All I know is that these are definitely in for the hot days of the Spring/Summer. Trust me guys! I've discussed in the past that we men have worn gladiator sandals from the beginning of time in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greek history. Questions: Why the heck did they ever go out of style in the first place?! And when the heck did they become so girly?! In fact the manly gladiators used to fight and risk their lives with them on. Well the Gods are pissed and now the sandals are back!! And ready to walk over history all over again.


Now look at these modern gladiator sandals from Giverchy Spring 2010 Mens Collection. God bless him. It is all about making the vintage very modern and futuristic. He nailed it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gaga in Wonderland




Just wanted to upload these pics that I love so much and which I had saved in my picture folder for a while. They kinda give me the Big Fish/Aice in Wonderland feel. Very magical, very parallel universal. I truly hope I can dream about this tonight! And yup that is Lady Gaga burning in the holocaust/oven-like fire machine and holding the wooden spoon on top of the table... only Gaga. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do! Both the fish and the tree trunks in the suit creep me the crap out but in a good way.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Shopping at the Mall


So today I went shopping at the mall and here is what I purchased:

-> Brown Strawed Fedora- $39.50- Pacsun- (In search of my very first fedora I randomly walked into Pacsun and the moment I arrived I saw it... a brown strawed fedora eying me. I tried it on and it fit me like a glove.)

-> Brown V Neck Shirt with a tiny pocket zipper- $15.00- Heritage 1981- (The zippered pocket got to me haha. Anyway the guy section in this store is sadly getting smaller and smaller by the minute :'( that is so freaking depressing. Guys we should just wear plastic bags instead of clothes from now on, this is what their basically saying...)

-> Grey Strawed Fedora- $7.95- H&M- (Still in search of a 2nd fedora I entered H&M and there it was! Plus it was just eight bucks! Just awesome! A similar one at Pacsun was $47 which goes to show to never stop searching guys.)

-> Orangy Belt- $17.95- H&M- (I loved it, and I loved the price. A similar one at Gap cost $59.00... my ass! no way, like I said just keep looking.)

-> Royal Blue Button down Shirt- $19.95- H&M- (My favorite color, I just had to have it.)

-> GQ magazine- $5.00- (I always have to finish a day of shopping by buying my oh-so-favorite magazine. After all it is my future dream job to become the Editor-In-Chief at GQ. In my eyes this is priceless.)

Doesn't the display look cool? :p The shades are old...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010


Hi! Sorry I haven't been posting anything new this passed week. I've been resting thank to spring break. I've just been taking it easy and reading a lot! I found myself reading about fashion designers and their early work. I just love researching about things that I am truly interested in. For instance I checked out Yves Saint Laurent whose full name is actually "Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent." Here's some facts: He had a love partner who was Pierre Bergé. Dior fired Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent sued Dior for breach of contract and won. He had many muses including Loulou de la Falaise, Talitha Pol-Getty, and Betty Catroux. And he was the first designer to have black women walk on his runway. People aren't these facts interesting?! My inner journalist is constantly feeding his mind with fashion icons biographies lol. I truly find doing research on my favorite designers super exciting! I know I'm a nerd... Anyway this all led me to find Yves Saint Laurent's Fall 2010 collection. Enjoy!