Monday, May 14, 2012

STYLE ADVICE: The 5 Best Ways to Create a Smart Casual Outfit

Hey everyone,

Hope all is well wherever you find yourself on this lovely day! What I have here is a little treat for you all. Ever wanted the 'Smart Casual Look,' yet didn't have the slightest clue how to portray it? Well... get in here, I got the info. Let's get started! 

Lets begin with defining the look: What truly is the Smart Casual Look?

It's effortlessly stylish and fashionably practical, it's the perfect marriage of formality and comfort. One of the biggest trends to have swept the world over recent years, this is one style which is sure to stay put. So, how can you create the perfect smart casual outfit?


  1. Polo shirts: 
Polo shirts are a great way to create a stylish smart casual look. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, they also look fantastic! The collar retains a hint of smartness, whilst the rest of the design is far less restrictive – and more comfortable – than your typical shirt and tie combination.

  1. Jeans or chinos:
What trousers you wear for your smart casual outfit will depend on the dress code of the event you’re attending. Some locations will allow darker jeans to be worn, whilst others require slightly smarter trousers – a perfect occasion for a nice pair of chinos. If in doubt over the precise dress code, always choose the smarter option.

  1. Casual jackets:
A stylish jacket can top off your smart casual look brilliantly, adding that extra touch to help you stand out. Make sure you go for a jacket that’s a little different from your usual suit jacket, such as a sports jacket or a casual blazer. These are stylish and comfortable, retaining an element of smart sophistication whilst injecting some individuality into your outfit.

  1. No ties:
Smart casual dress codes are the perfect opportunity to get rid of the much hated tie, so open up your collar and enjoy the freedom.

  1. Softer colors:
Softer colors have a more casual feel to them than the blacks and greys of your traditional workplace outfits. Experiment with light blues, beiges, purples and pastels – they’ll bring a little color to your wardrobe and brighten up your look.

Ahh I just love Lacoste. So, there you go! Simply follow these great tips and keep in mind confidence first  and trust me you'll score the look in no time, (don't forget to pass it along). See ya soon!

                                                                               Your big bro,