Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"It-Boy Style"

"It-Boy Style"
Start taking notes......
I'm wearing black skinny jeans (Levi), A Banana Republic- V Neck shirt, (I'm loving the mint fresh color), a white cardigan from (Urban Outfitters) which BTW I shopped with Chris Brown that day. He was right next to me when I decided to get it. So there you go everyone!

You guys, me so sorry, me so sorry. Monsters, I apologize for not living it up to my vow; on continuing to write on my blog every Wed-Fri. Oops my bad guys!
But hey, we all make mistakes, right? Of course we do.

I just decided to showcase my style and to add more personality onto the blog.
From now on I will show all of you guys how to dress, get inspired people!
I'm not to be mistaken for a "trendsetter" ok? Understood?! I just love fashion, I breathe clothes. Ladies if you like, then tell your fellas that you like the way I dress so that they can get inspired too lol. J.K. Peace!

Like I say, "there is nothing more personal then your own individual style."


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Advice No. 2

Dear Monsters,
Don't talk crap about someone if you can't back it up, simple as that. Because when the other person confronts you, you will be put on the spot and you can't help it but mumble. Which BTW is very pathetic. So if you ever choose to express a way you feel towards an specific individual in a negative way then do it! Start venting all you want but have some guts and the balls to actually confront him/her when the actual time comes. Until that time where you become courageous than please bite your tongue.