Friday, January 29, 2010

Boot Kicking


Kick the door down with boots this season!

The new shoe trend for guys is BOOTS!! YEAY!
About time this came back right? I am so happy.

Here's a tip from GQ:

Don't wear trousers with boots. No, no, no! That is a BIG fashion don't. Stick with jeans guys!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Giverchy Fall 2010

Hi people,

When I first glance upon this collection let me tell you that I didn't really like it. But I will admit that it kinda grew on me over a short period of 3 hours lol.
The sandals are a bit "eh/ah" but if you really think about it and look at it in a different light, it is definitely breaking the heavy chains that is holding back mens style. Please look at it with a open mind.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ugly Obsession


I am seriously hooked on Ugly Betty!!! I can't stop watching it! haha that's how good the show is, literally. I recommend it to everyone, and to anyone who like me never gazed eyes upon this fantastic show when it first aired. I know we're a little late, and Ugly Betty is now going into its 5th Season but the good thing about that is that we won't have to wait until the next episode, youtube it :) Hey, if you are in for a little laugh, inspiration, fashion and self empowerment then grab some Sunchip's and watch this show! Ugly Betty has become so personal to me. The show captures the true essence of the all-time-Spanish family [for once] living in the city of New York which always come together at the end of the day with one thing ingrained in their mind, the # uno rule in the 'Hispanic Code of Life,' "family sticks together." Amen! Thank God for this show, about time something represented me- a "fashionable geek" lol. Plus I love the fact that the Editor-In-Chief is a dude! He is not so much the most fashion-forward dude there is but it still enlightens me with hope. GQ here I come!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dries Van Noten Fall 2010

Out of a collection of 43 I only liked 5... wow, sorry Mr. Van Noten but that is just pathetic : / Stop cutting off the sleeves from Pea coats and trend coats!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What's up people?!

Guess what? I can't wait for tomorrow. I will begin my quest on watching Season 1 Episode 1 of the "Oh-so-cool," Ugly Betty. AWESOME! Woohoo! I really can't wait.. Accouple of my friends are obsessed with the show and let me tell you that they slowly but shortly hooked me on it. I mean they make it sound cool.. hopefully their right : )

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These shoes are amazing!

So here's the story guys,

While on winter break 2009-2010 I went back home to New York... (which BTW I'm moving back in May, Woohoo!) Anyway back to the story I of course being a Fashion-Forward Dude needed to shop it up in the "Big Apple," to spent some mula! So my cousin and I hit the concrete jungle of New York, took the train to "Duh-town!" lol (and let me tell you, it was freezing cold. I couldn't feel my ears for a longgggggg time- I ended up looking like an elf). After walking what seemed to be miles in the snowy desert we had to search for shelter. Thank God an Aldo store was around the corner. We were just going to "sit down and hopefully wait for the weather to warm up... yeah right!" That doesn't happen in New York! At that point in time I saw heaven. Not only because it was cozy in there but because of all the flipping shoes! WOW! Plus they had a sell going on! 60% off, Hallelujah.... The bad part was that those shoes were the last ones in stock and I really fell in love with them but they were a size 8 which for some reason they label it size 38, weird. I'm a size 10 1/2! I swear I was gonna buy it and pray every night for my feet to shrink two sizes but no!... Reality had to strike.. (MY MOTHER CALLED).. she yelled, told me that I was going crazy and I decided that I had to leave them so that the next lucky "FFD" can get them. I guess we gotta look out for one another right? :( Shh, that was my excuse for leaving them people.. lol At least we ate some New York Pizza afterwords. Well NOW I am determined to freaking get them, screw the pain.

Lesson learned: "Fashion is pain. So Mig next time around get the shoes dude."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've made up my mind!

Ok, I've made up my mind on accouple of things.

1. I want a black military beret.

2. I want these blue 'RELEFORD' shoes! (Only $70 in Aldo's, Woohoo!)

3. I want to work for Kelly Cutrone in her P.R Firm, People's Revolution. (Since I'm moving back to New York in May then it works perfect for me, its time to be an intern!)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Want this Zara Military Leather Jacket!!

I just want it, I need it, I love it! It fits me. Enough said lol.

What an amazing pic damn it!

This here is James Payden from
Please go check out his blog, it is just great. He is definitely a Fashion-Forward Dude.

Saturday, January 9, 2010



YSL's creative director Stefano Pilati presented his men's collection with a short film. Directed by Samuel Benchetrit. I really liked it. ENJOY!

"Perfection is no more made for us than immensity."


Only Alexander McQueen

Look at them heels!

When I was watching this show all that went through my mind the entire time was:
"Walk, walk, fashion baby. Work it, move that bitch crazy.
Walk, walk, fashion baby. Work it, move that bitch crazy."
From Lady Gaga's song 'Bad Romance' hahaha
McQueen is so damn talented! Bless his mind, and hands.
The show starts very graceful, calm and later transforms into an alien-like, android themed show.

Who do I count on?

Have you ever wonder where I get all of my fashion tips from?
Well, it is time to leak the secret.... is a wonderful website that compares shopping search engines, and it has really helpful tip guides to help you make a wiser choice. Plus it includes links to the best deals in that category across the web!
This is awesome people!
So..what are you waiting for? GO!

P.S. Make sure to check out their shopping blog called "Pocket Change," it is amazing!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CP Company Spring 2010

I don't know there is something about this collection that I adore.. and that is the rich texture of color. Now I like CP Company, I think their brilliant!

I love my boots.

This was 4 days ago when I still was in the city of New York (Tear) :'(
Now I'm back in FL for 5 months.... and then I am back off to my hometown- the city that never fucking sleeps NEW YORK CITY! LMAO

Oversized Cardigan- H&M- $20 (I was lucky enough to find this awesome cheap cardigan)
Maroon shirt- Gap- $15 (Last one they had my size so I yanked it off a guys hand)
Tube Scarf- Heritage 1981- $10 (so many compliments lol. Anyway you can't believe how many people ask me where the heck I bought this scarf. Now you all know- go get one!!)
Boots- Aldo- $90 (Thanks Mom for paying half lol)

"For the exception of my boots I've learned that you don't need to buy the most expensive thing there is to look expensive. All you need to do is learn how to shop and learn how to be in the right place at the right time- discounts people! LOL"


People follow me at

Jump on the band wagon already! lol

CP Company

Look at the elegant colors!! Those colors to my wicked eyes are so rich, so bold-- just perfect. Royal Blue is my favorite. (Alright people don't judge me) lol jk
The pockets by the stomach and the pants are genus!

Secret: When I look at runway pictures I always enjoy to play a song in the background. I guess it makes me believe that I am actually sitting in the first row of a fashion show.. but shhh... that's between us haha. I suggest you guys listen to Headlock by Imogen Heap, I am obsessed with that song! I'm just saying.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elegance runs in the family

Look at this pic!! These two are my grandparents madly in love with each other. So elegant, so the 50's lol. It is funny to me to see this pic and call them "madly in love with each other" because in all honesty now they truly are mad. Madly crazy that is, literally jk : )

"Now I know where my elegance and charms comes from... thanks grandpa."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

'Coco Before Chanel'

One of my favorite movies ever!! People please watch it, I highly recommend it.
You go deep within the chic fabric of Chanels past and get to know her not as just Coco, Gabrielle, nor as a fashion designer but as a strong woman that faced many obstacles and changed womens fashion entirely..

"They are always those people, filled with courage that are born into this world to break boundaries."