Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These shoes are amazing!

So here's the story guys,

While on winter break 2009-2010 I went back home to New York... (which BTW I'm moving back in May, Woohoo!) Anyway back to the story I of course being a Fashion-Forward Dude needed to shop it up in the "Big Apple," to spent some mula! So my cousin and I hit the concrete jungle of New York, took the train to "Duh-town!" lol (and let me tell you, it was freezing cold. I couldn't feel my ears for a longgggggg time- I ended up looking like an elf). After walking what seemed to be miles in the snowy desert we had to search for shelter. Thank God an Aldo store was around the corner. We were just going to "sit down and hopefully wait for the weather to warm up... yeah right!" That doesn't happen in New York! At that point in time I saw heaven. Not only because it was cozy in there but because of all the flipping shoes! WOW! Plus they had a sell going on! 60% off, Hallelujah.... The bad part was that those shoes were the last ones in stock and I really fell in love with them but they were a size 8 which for some reason they label it size 38, weird. I'm a size 10 1/2! I swear I was gonna buy it and pray every night for my feet to shrink two sizes but no!... Reality had to strike.. (MY MOTHER CALLED).. she yelled, told me that I was going crazy and I decided that I had to leave them so that the next lucky "FFD" can get them. I guess we gotta look out for one another right? :( Shh, that was my excuse for leaving them people.. lol At least we ate some New York Pizza afterwords. Well NOW I am determined to freaking get them, screw the pain.

Lesson learned: "Fashion is pain. So Mig next time around get the shoes dude."

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