Friday, July 31, 2009

Seriously Old Navy?

Ok, I just had to post this real quick. So, yesterday after applying for Old Navy Online, I bumped into a question that read this exactly:

Which of the following displays looks best?

WTF Dude! How old are we?... FIVE?! LOL

I had to click the 'Print Screen button' to copy the kindergarten question with the funny looking images because, it was just too unreal for my eyes.

I was cracking up the entire night.

Are you kidding me Old Navy? Hahaha

Well, hopefully I picked the right one. JK.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nirrimi wrote back to me!!!

Okay, you guys this made my day. After I wrote the post on Nirrimi Joy Hakanson I send a email to her explaining the love that I held for her and mostly the love I held for her work. In the email I also informed her that I wrote a little something about her in my blog. AND SHE READ IT!! and this is exactly what she wrote back:

thank you, thank you, thank you. very glad you like my work. :) :)
very appreciative of all the support, it's definitely motivating. best of luck with all your own dreams! love the blog post ;)

have a nice day,

fashion photographer"

Thanks Nirrimi!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Her pictures are worth a thousand words and more

Finding a job is so freaking difficult you guys!!
(I just needed to vent my feelings and express what I was thinking.)


She goes by the name of Nirrimi Joy Hakanson, an aspiring teenage fashion photographer.
Oh lord, her work is so talented, she definitely captures the true essence of her sweet creativity.
She is only SIXTEEN years old!!! WTF?! Mind blowing fact. When I read that, I seriously got a little heart attack. LOL..... (No, really.) I think that she has a camera for a brain and her Muse of inspiration is constantly clicking the 'take the fucking picture button.' But, that's not all her Muse is doing she seems to be working full time filling Nirrimi with revolutionary ideas. Anyway... if I were the Editor-In-Chief of my magazine already I would publish a full spread/ the main issue about her. She deserves it and she can work for me any day. I'll put her up against any other photographer, even against the gods of pics such as Patrick Demarchelier, and August Bradley. It'll be a photography war, lights flashing, color splashing up against the walls, images grasping everyone's curious eyes and.... she... will... win- I guarantee that. I mean, look at it this way if she is already taking these amazing pictures then... ah... c'mon can you imagine what her work of art will progress into in the future? What inspiring pieces she will capture? What her work will evolve into? (Well, I KNOW, I KNOW, PICK ME, PICK ME!!) LOL. The answer = a complete masterpiece.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New awesome jewelry

Maria Francesca Pepe designs are so freaking intimidating. Something I read in another blog was that her designs kinda look like "small weapons" LOL, that is so true.

Mess with her and she'll poke you in the eye with her lightning-like necklace. LOL.
I love this piece not only because of the weaponry like look but because it looks really futuristic. I can definitely see Miss. Keri Hilson wear a piece like this one.
One must have confidence though...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Erin in Wonderland

And it all begins with a curious mind and a mysterious name...
 For the Fashionble,

Flipping through my new (Flaunt Magazine, "The Fashion Issue") I see a pretty awesome font, followed by a very intriguing article about a fashion designer that goes by the name of Erin Fetherston. She is so talented, very detail oriented and very cute I may add. My wondering eyes then make their way to the elegant pictures (that now are inscribe in my mind). Her ideas are so lucid and creative. Through her clothes she takes you into the rabbit a hole and through a fairytale land filled with whimsical dresses that tell their own tales. Fetherston's work is so playful, cute and seem to be truly enchanted. I love how in this collection we get the sense of style of both the princess and the wicked witch, its fierce. Eat your heart out Alice!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Liking the ''neutral style''

You guys know what? I think I'm liking the "neutral style," or at least what I would call it.
Description: very calm and earthy- definitely a plus with the summer on the front door steps and the "Go Green" type of crap being preached every 30 mins. A jean jacket with a darker tone of denim, and a stripe shirt- has to be green BTW! = pretty cool style.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Advice No. 3

When you begin feeling dizzy and when the different shades of the light bother you making you hold on tight onto anything in your surrounding; then leave the chocolate, the soda and all the junk food. Because high cholesterol or diabetes might just be around the corner and might be knocking on your door. Begin eating vegetables and fruits- they are not that bad!
C'mon dude lets get healthy here!!

............(who am I kidding?) lol.......I just totally contradicted myself.

"I'm having hot dogs, and soda tonight."


UO Boat Shoe

I definitely need these shoes! They are amazing, and now in days the vintage style is in. The 1970's was an awesome era you guys! Filled with elegance, grease, and leather.
Sorry PETA...
These will look great with skinny denim.