Monday, November 30, 2009

Spring 2010 Collections

These are various pieces that I liked from many collections but were not worthy of being in that collection because they alone were so good. They stood alone in perfection.

Cynthis Steffe Spring 2010 Collection

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2010 Collection

Chado Ralph Spring 2010 Collection

Chocheng Spring 2010 Collection


But I'll never get it.... it is way too expensive lmao.

DVF!! Spring 2010 Collection

I love Mama Diane Von Furstenberg, her work is always so unique. I believe that she never gets tired of fashion- I know inspiration strikes her like crazy because it shows on her masterpieces. She is always so detail oriented and her accessories are always so different every year, and always stand out so much.

Calvin Klein Spring 2010 Collection

I'm not a huge fan of Calvin Klein but luckily I found three pieces out of like 24 that I kinda enjoyed. And I wanted to show his new collection. So here it is! IDK his work is kinda just... there. I guess I share a comparison with Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution lmao. Maybe he should just stick with doing underwear haha

Donna Karan Spring 2010 Collection

I've always been curious on finding out what the DK on DKNY stand for... and I found it! It stands for Donna Karan- duh it makes sense now, she is the designer lol. Well anyway she also has another collection self titled Donna Karan... its ok.

DKNY Spring 2010 Collection

Wow I am truly impress with DKNY, that's all.

Dennis Basso Spring 2010 Collection

This is my newest favorite designer. I AM OBSESSED!! His work is truly just one word ENCHANTED. Stare at just one article and I guarantee that you will fall down the Alice in Wonderland hole. Don't tell me not.

Davidelfin Spring 2010 Collection

This is my favorite color. So minty, so fresh, enjoy.

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

Just Brilliant! Drama is in.

Cesar Galindo Spring 2010 Collection

This is my first time looking at Mr. Cesar Galindo's work and I was blown away completely. His work is so fascinating.