Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Erin in Wonderland

And it all begins with a curious mind and a mysterious name...
 For the Fashionble,

Flipping through my new (Flaunt Magazine, "The Fashion Issue") I see a pretty awesome font, followed by a very intriguing article about a fashion designer that goes by the name of Erin Fetherston. She is so talented, very detail oriented and very cute I may add. My wondering eyes then make their way to the elegant pictures (that now are inscribe in my mind). Her ideas are so lucid and creative. Through her clothes she takes you into the rabbit a hole and through a fairytale land filled with whimsical dresses that tell their own tales. Fetherston's work is so playful, cute and seem to be truly enchanted. I love how in this collection we get the sense of style of both the princess and the wicked witch, its fierce. Eat your heart out Alice!



  1. Are you a writer? your description was beautiful!

  2. i love that last one it is so dope follow bro into the same things fashion :D