Saturday, July 18, 2009

New awesome jewelry

Maria Francesca Pepe designs are so freaking intimidating. Something I read in another blog was that her designs kinda look like "small weapons" LOL, that is so true.

Mess with her and she'll poke you in the eye with her lightning-like necklace. LOL.
I love this piece not only because of the weaponry like look but because it looks really futuristic. I can definitely see Miss. Keri Hilson wear a piece like this one.
One must have confidence though...


  1. I need me a necklace like that! Fight the haters off with! LOL Thanks for the interest in my blog...yours is awesome as well

  2. JUST DO IT! Push to write for fashion cuz from what I see on your blog, you will do excellent!
    Photography is just a hobby i guess! I'm not too educated on it! I'm also intrigued with fashion and film!