Saturday, July 25, 2009

Her pictures are worth a thousand words and more

Finding a job is so freaking difficult you guys!!
(I just needed to vent my feelings and express what I was thinking.)


She goes by the name of Nirrimi Joy Hakanson, an aspiring teenage fashion photographer.
Oh lord, her work is so talented, she definitely captures the true essence of her sweet creativity.
She is only SIXTEEN years old!!! WTF?! Mind blowing fact. When I read that, I seriously got a little heart attack. LOL..... (No, really.) I think that she has a camera for a brain and her Muse of inspiration is constantly clicking the 'take the fucking picture button.' But, that's not all her Muse is doing she seems to be working full time filling Nirrimi with revolutionary ideas. Anyway... if I were the Editor-In-Chief of my magazine already I would publish a full spread/ the main issue about her. She deserves it and she can work for me any day. I'll put her up against any other photographer, even against the gods of pics such as Patrick Demarchelier, and August Bradley. It'll be a photography war, lights flashing, color splashing up against the walls, images grasping everyone's curious eyes and.... she... will... win- I guarantee that. I mean, look at it this way if she is already taking these amazing pictures then... ah... c'mon can you imagine what her work of art will progress into in the future? What inspiring pieces she will capture? What her work will evolve into? (Well, I KNOW, I KNOW, PICK ME, PICK ME!!) LOL. The answer = a complete masterpiece.


  1. Wow! You are so right! I love her pictures a ton! Sixteen? What? My favorite picture is of the girl like about to jump out thee window! This post is so inspiring to me in so many have no idea, because I love photography and I want to study it to perfect mine. I don't want to study it in college but just study it. I love your blog! Keep posting and I will keep commenting! I was wondering if maybe you wanted to link swap?
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  2. She's so cute!!! about the job...just dont stop looking and one will happen! Craigslist is awesome for cool interesting jobs just watch out for scams