Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"It-Boy Style"

"It-Boy Style"
Start taking notes......
I'm wearing black skinny jeans (Levi), A Banana Republic- V Neck shirt, (I'm loving the mint fresh color), a white cardigan from (Urban Outfitters) which BTW I shopped with Chris Brown that day. He was right next to me when I decided to get it. So there you go everyone!

You guys, me so sorry, me so sorry. Monsters, I apologize for not living it up to my vow; on continuing to write on my blog every Wed-Fri. Oops my bad guys!
But hey, we all make mistakes, right? Of course we do.

I just decided to showcase my style and to add more personality onto the blog.
From now on I will show all of you guys how to dress, get inspired people!
I'm not to be mistaken for a "trendsetter" ok? Understood?! I just love fashion, I breathe clothes. Ladies if you like, then tell your fellas that you like the way I dress so that they can get inspired too lol. J.K. Peace!

Like I say, "there is nothing more personal then your own individual style."


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