Thursday, March 18, 2010

Find your Inner Gladiator


Ok, I know this picture is kinda small and you can't really see the models gladiator sandals completely well but bare with me. Guys please concentrate, keep an eye on the sandals, just keep all the focus on them... Aren't they sexy?! Hell yeah. I want them so badly now! This ad is from the clothing line T.I Men which I think happens to be an Asian brand... I'm not sure though. All I know is that these are definitely in for the hot days of the Spring/Summer. Trust me guys! I've discussed in the past that we men have worn gladiator sandals from the beginning of time in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greek history. Questions: Why the heck did they ever go out of style in the first place?! And when the heck did they become so girly?! In fact the manly gladiators used to fight and risk their lives with them on. Well the Gods are pissed and now the sandals are back!! And ready to walk over history all over again.


Now look at these modern gladiator sandals from Giverchy Spring 2010 Mens Collection. God bless him. It is all about making the vintage very modern and futuristic. He nailed it!


  1. I've been obsessed with these for some time now, i want them so much I'd sell my granny.

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  2. new reader to the blog and i think what you're doing for the men is reaal awesome . don't know too many male fashion bloggers out there . keep doing what you're doing . oh and i am not a man . hahahahha !

  3. hands down to givenchy for the gladiators! I really want a pair, but I really don't have the money to buy them. Oh well, they are nice to look at :)

  4. kris van assche has some pretty good ones out as well, less hardware but still epic.