Monday, March 15, 2010

Shopping at the Mall


So today I went shopping at the mall and here is what I purchased:

-> Brown Strawed Fedora- $39.50- Pacsun- (In search of my very first fedora I randomly walked into Pacsun and the moment I arrived I saw it... a brown strawed fedora eying me. I tried it on and it fit me like a glove.)

-> Brown V Neck Shirt with a tiny pocket zipper- $15.00- Heritage 1981- (The zippered pocket got to me haha. Anyway the guy section in this store is sadly getting smaller and smaller by the minute :'( that is so freaking depressing. Guys we should just wear plastic bags instead of clothes from now on, this is what their basically saying...)

-> Grey Strawed Fedora- $7.95- H&M- (Still in search of a 2nd fedora I entered H&M and there it was! Plus it was just eight bucks! Just awesome! A similar one at Pacsun was $47 which goes to show to never stop searching guys.)

-> Orangy Belt- $17.95- H&M- (I loved it, and I loved the price. A similar one at Gap cost $59.00... my ass! no way, like I said just keep looking.)

-> Royal Blue Button down Shirt- $19.95- H&M- (My favorite color, I just had to have it.)

-> GQ magazine- $5.00- (I always have to finish a day of shopping by buying my oh-so-favorite magazine. After all it is my future dream job to become the Editor-In-Chief at GQ. In my eyes this is priceless.)

Doesn't the display look cool? :p The shades are old...

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