Monday, March 29, 2010

H&M Sandals + Create A Look


Sandals are in for Spring/Summer. So go get a pair! :p I'll be getting mine when I get some money for my B-Day coming up on April 2nd. Anyway H&M has these great sandals for $29.95 WOW, cheap price right?! So do you like what the model is wearing? H&M's website has a "Create A Look" type of game where you dress your own model. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! lol This is what I dressed my model in which I made his clothes revolve around the sandals. I dressed him kinda Bohemian (since its my favorite style) by giving him: A gray cardigan with a black outline- its Spring but it still gets chilly at night, a violet t-shirt that reads "Made of Money," black sweats... Yes, sweats guys! And of course the sandals. What a comfy look. I love it! Guys I've learned over time that it is all about feeling comfortable but being trendy; after all that is one of a Fashion-Forward Dude's main objective. Ah the power of fashion... jump on the band wagon.



  1. wow i looove this.
    dang. i wish we have h&m!

  2. I dont know about you guys but here in the UK the sandals have been discontinue. That was the reply email i reveived from H&M Uk. And the thing is that they never got them on the market. How can the discontinue them gosh and i cannot find them anywhere. Are they still in the shops in USA?

  3. And that's just what they'll do. One of these days... Sorry got carried away by the song your blog title reminded me of. Anyway, killer shoes, good for you!