Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I thought I will do something a tiny bit different by merging my random favorite animals with fashion. To view and read the following please use the following: Imagination. It'll truly make it better to understand.


For instance the Blue Whale- a magnificent animal who I believe is completely misread. Considered a mammal but my empathy tells me that he is just one big fish with the reproduction system of a mammal. They say that the Blue whale sings but I think he is crying in agony from the cruel misconception. He is feared by fish and respected by shark. He truly is the king of the ocean. The shark is just the rebel. He swims so gracefully in his own ocean of tears. We see it as a ocean but truly they are the tears of the unfortunate blue whale. I love how the dress roams so elegantly on the model. This picture for some reason reminds me of a whale.

the Swan- the undercover princess. In the morning an obedient princess and at night a sexual swan. She swims so gracefully. Look at the picture of the swan emerging from the lake.. it is so elegant, it looks like the swan is transforming back into its princess form... Swanderella. She is truly enchanted. I was blown away when I found an editorial pic of a model with the resemblance to a swans look... one word- sophisticated. Her makeup down to her feathered dress is exactly on point.

the Seahorse- This one was a tough one to find. Lastly on the list of my favorite animals is the little seahorse that swiftly moves around the ocean like a horse on its rightful land. Not to be confused with its look-a-like the horse. The seahorse embraces his looks and announces it to all in the ocean with its trombone-like snout. He has courage to shout out his self acceptance. So cocky that he goes around town carrying the babies in a pouch- a very feminine thing to do right? Nope, this fish is very masculine. He is fierce LOL. Don't let the size fool ya.

Hope you enjoyed it!!


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