Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hairstyling Help


Today I was searching for a new hairstyle because I am so damn tired of the one that I'm sporting. BTW Zac Efron's Detail Magazine spread inspired me to look for hairstyles for some reason. So I simply went to no-other-then Youtube to see if I can find a new hairstyle that I am able to recreate... since now I believe that I'm a hairstylist and all. I type in "Men Hairstyles" and a million videos appeared, and one's you begin watching one you must finish watching them all lol because it becomes an addiction, jumping from video to video led me to Slikhaar TV. This channel is a How-to tutorial on recreating men hairstyles and shows brothers Emil and Rasmus recreating them, from spiky, to faux hawks, to slid-backs, etc.. they do it all. Try it! And if you like it so much visit there website where you can buy their hair products.


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