Monday, July 19, 2010

Ooh, Love Your Outfit


I was checking as I do only a regular daily basis and I stumbled upon this Fashion-Forward Dude, by the name of Chaby H, (find him here: and I freaking adore what he's wearing. Is an amazing summer outfit! It just goes so well together. The white tank, with some nice rolled-in shorts, a fitted fedora, the dorky glasses and the dark brown moccasins* = awesomeness. Then look at the setting; blossomed flowers and a nice shade of light. It almost looks magical, very fairy-garden-like. BTW, he informs that the hat is from no other then H&M.



  1. O here r my mocasins :)

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  2. oo i checked out his blog .. so many amazing outfits !

  3. oh gawd you need an update ! anyways , i got a blog award and supposed to pass it on , so yeah , you're one of the people i'm giving it to ! :)

  4. Great photo!
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  5. Wauw - he's adorable. Hate the shoes though!

    Guess what.. Gaga's getting in my head. And it's all because of you!!!!