Friday, April 30, 2010

I'M BACK and kinda tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's up?! I know I haven't posted anything in a while but like I said school was a hand-full. There was a lot of studying, a lot of 6:00AM sleeping time, papers flying everywhere, left and right and a hope in me to connect with my readers and post something fashionable for my little Fashion-Forward Dude's and Fashion-Forward Dudette's. Anyway while "studying" I had to take 5 min breaks right? So I for some reason ended up going to Here is what I liked the most. Every style has a story so these are my take on them, (DON'T JUDGE ME). The first 3 kinda remind me of a cowboy lost in the glamor and fast-pace life of New York City while he tries to reconnect with his roots from Texas. The next two remind me of a journalist which on a mission he finds himself on a Caribbean Island to write a story on surfers style. I love all of these styles, their truly great! And now I am inspired to drive by Zara and get me some of these clothes: like the boots, the pants, and both jackets. Is a little too hot for the scarves. I like the shorts, and the gladiator sandals of course. I just truly adore these looks. Enjoy! BTW that's a pic of me super bored and tired at 5:00am but I had to stay awake to continue studying, so I decided to spike the morning, grab my camera and take a trip to the restroom.



  1. i did a post on this zara collection recently too, i love the karki safari vibe!