Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blame School

My Fashion-Forward Dude's and Dudette's,

This week and the next is super duper stressful for me in college with all of the final exams and essays so I won't be posting anything new until then... I know, I know :'( but I'll see if I can sneak something in here and there but shh.. that's between us because my academic persona can't know this. Sheer up, I'll leave ya with a couple of pictures : )

I LOVE YOU ALL, and Until the next one!


WATCH THIS!! I've been doing research on Grandmama Coco for my Humanities class movie research paper. With every video I fall in love with her a little bit more. Hope you do to, and I hope that ya see the hard working and talented woman that she was. Wow, even in her dreams she lived fashion. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh man, this makes me miss Paris more than I do normally, haha. I actually had the blessed and stellar opportunity to view her royal Coco-nesses apartment on top of her atelier and seriously, visual orgasm!!! Cliché to say this but it really was magical. By far one of my most fond memories of my semester abroad in Paris.