Friday, April 9, 2010

Diesel Black Gold Walks Alone

Hello everyone,

Guess what? I have some amazing news about Diesel! My new friends from send me awesome info on what's going on with Diesel's line Black Gold. Here it is: "Sophia Kokosalaki will be steering the female creative wheel at Diesel's high-end contemporary collection" which has premiered at the last NY Fashion Week. How awesome! "Diesel is pleased to announce the creation of a separate business division which will be responsible for leading the overall development of Diesel Black Gold." A new general manager, Andrea Baldo  will be appointed. Baldo will lead a team of dedicated people, from research, development and international sales. I'm so excited for this because I so dearly love Diesel. They are on their grind and taking it to a new level. This is what the big people in the business are saying "Diesel Black Gold is the maximum expression of the company’s quality, timeless and contemporary pieces where casual clashes with fashion to create a unique collection for customers to express their individual attitude." BRAVO! lol There's  Key categories that exemplifies like the iconic 5 pockets treated denim, all treated leather jackets, sexy dresses combining fabrics and leather for women. And fellas we are also in the deal, we get "red carpet" tailored jackets with a casual twist. AMEN! I'm in love with this collection. It is so well rounded, and I love the fact that the girls have their clothes and that the guys are in for the fun too. Everything is super hot! “We believe that Diesel Black Gold has in its DNA all the elements of authenticity and the right attitude to effectively connect with the next generation of customers: the millennials”, said Renzo Rosso the founder and owner of Diesel. “The new strong and dedicated team will make it happen. Well the next top international appointment for Diesel Black Gold is scheduled for April 12th when the FW ‘10 collection will be presented to the most influential Far East editors and buyers at a major fashion show in Tokyo.Want to see more of the collection Diesel Black and Gold? Go here:  


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