Friday, April 9, 2010



Who said blazers are just worn by business men? Now you can wear them too!  Blazers are in for the Spring/ Summer time. And with the spring actually here and the summer around the corner you can put down the brief case, throw on some shorts/skinny jeans, wear some dressy shoes without socks or wear the men gladiator sandals I've been preaching about for some time now, match that with a casual shirt, plus a watch should always make its home on your left wrist and lastly grab your blazer. This is a very sophisticated, elegant, fun look. And even though you might not have a degree job and work in McDonald's no worries, it reads "chill I don't take work too seriously in the summer but work is always on my mind" and that's exactly what you want when the sun is burning at its highest peek. So where to get blazers?? Pss.. hint, hint simply burrow your fathers but TIP: If daddy is a little on the heavy side or vice versa just go to Zara or to H& prizes range from $59.95-$70. What more can a Fashion-Forward Dude ask for?! I call that amazing pricing : ) But if you want a cheaper and more unique look, find a local thrift store around your city. You'll get the vintage look for a great price. Then again nothing compares to the new smell of never-been-worn clothes. Main tip: the blazer must be tailored to your size and fit you like a glove. If not the entire purpose of the look will be lost DUH.



  1. oh i cannot emphasize on how much i looove blazers toooo ! :D :D

  2. Mens fashion can be such a drag.
    So boring. So drab. If womens clothing can take so much influence from mens, why can mens clothing not take influence from womens? Stilettos for men, anyone?

  3. I freaking love blazer and especially pairing them with shorts!! It just looks sharp and not as a 'drag' as Adam stated. Men's fashion is awesome, you just need to look at the right places and/or pair 'em au courantly.