Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alexander McQueen F/W 2010

Hi FFD'S!!

Like always here are my favorite picks from this collection. Todays designer is the amazing Alexander McQueen. That guy is a genius! Look at the pants- wow! I love the weird cut in the bottom of the trousers, aren't they cool? The gloves were nice too, and the ninja mask's are brilliant... but then again it is Alexander McQueen (DUHH) lol. I love how the collection is so cohesive, and the prints so futuristic and almost reptile like. I always like to describe McQueens work as clothes found in a dark parallel universe-- Ohh creepy. Who knows what emerges from those dark horizons?


Love the song... kinda creepy right? I'm telling ya is his "Dark Parallel Universe."


  1. These outfits are amazing!!So different from everything else that's out there right now!

  2. OM-geeee where have you been hiding all my life ??? hahaha i was reading your profile and thats how i feel and seeing mens fashion blogs light up my world im following/stalking :)

    x1nightstand fashion :D