Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rihanna Pulled the Trigger

Rihanna released her first single called 'Russian Roulette' out of her upcoming cd called "Rated R"!! and rated R is what it truly is. I mean by the sound of this song it sounds like Riri has turned a bit emo. I mean it truly is understandable- with the entire Chris Brown accident I imaging where all the dark thoughts and the creepy inspiration came from. As a songwriter myself it clicks quickly on my mind where this shadowy horizon emerged from-- I've always said that beautiful words come out when both horrible and awesome things happen to one. "So pull the trigger Rihanna." LOL Great job! I like it, after the third here it is very catchy. I applause her- she will cut you with a blade. I adore everything Rihanna- she is so talented, creative and very sexy.

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