Friday, October 2, 2009

Blinding Jeans

Ok, people just recently while I was chilling at my college I saw a bright light that of course not only caught my attention but send my curious eyes running for shelter behind the lids. Perfect example it was as if a Vampire was exposed to the sun, right? Lol. Well, I'll tell you what it was.... BRIGHT ASS, (lime green to be exact) NEON SKINNY JEANS! I was blinded three different times, an idiot kept pacing back and forth with the horrific jeans.

To my opinion neon color skinny jeans are so last year… move on. But, if you are still intrigued by neon skinny jeans then please, wear it carefully. The body type has to be! At times color is tacky- certainly when it comes to colorful denim jeans.

Remember: A lighter shade of color in denim may make your thighs look larger down there and way less sophisticated and way more urban….

CAUTION: Only very few can pull this off. But, if you have the guts-- then it leaves no choice but to go for it.

1 comment:

  1. i personally LOVE colored denim.
    it's a brave thing to wear them though.
    i agree that they are hard to pull off, but i love them nonetheless.
    it's a differentiator ofr your style