Sunday, September 20, 2009


I_really like Project Runway- like to the extreme. So, Fashion Obsessive People- on my quest today I've been searching for the episodes of the International Seasons of Project Runway. For instance Korea, Canada, Israel, Australia, etc.. but nothing!!! Youtube is not on my side, and no website I've visited have not been any help neither.


So, please if any of you know of any websites to watch foreign episodes, please let me know!

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  1. Okay this has totally nothing to do with Project Runway even though I love it to bits. . .

    Anyways, sorry for the delayed reply, I've been soooo busy! I just got your message and all I have to say is that when it comes to having a successful blog. . .you have to BE YOURSELF. What I write and have on my blog is EXACTLY what I think and say to myself. Thats why it makes it so real and uncandid. It's also writings of your person life in the blog that attract people. Readers want to know what YOU are doing, they don't really need to know what's on the runways of Milan and what not because you can get that from any other fashion website/blog. It's about being unique and standing out from the crowd which will attract people to your blog.

    You're doing a wonderful job so far as I type this because you got me noticing your blog and thats why I follow and comment back because I enjoy your blog! So good job to you! Cheers buddy!