Monday, October 19, 2009

The Arrival of H&M

Hey everyone,

Florida opened its second H&M store in the Florida Mall and let me tell you that I was excited! The first store its way too far from where I live. H&M is not unfamiliar for me though, as I come from New York. Lets talk style-- H&M has the hottest trend for a descent price. I won't say that the price in there is "cheap" because lying is bad lol. Well, the price range kinda suck when it comes to Men's Fashion. But the clothes are awesomely moving. I am telling you guys that I am a shopaholic. As I walked in-- everything seemed to go in slow motion. The workers greeted me, the aroma of fresh, new winter clothes filled in my lungs made out of cotten. My pulse began sweating, a huge smile from ear to ear emerged on my face (I swear I looked like an idiot lol.) My eyes gazed upon the nicely folded clothes and with excitement on my face an unexplainable tear made its way out of the side of my eyes. Truly moving I tell you. And then I tripped on my stumbling feet LOL. True story. Thanks God I kept my balance though... If not it would have been a fashion disaster. I shopped for 3 hours and spend $70 on 3 things. ok...


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