Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hello, everyone. I can't stop listening to one specific song- Ignorance by Paramore.
Yo, it is so addicting- I love it.
I've noticed that my taste of music have definitely changed. My like in music is becoming a bigger range of genres. I am so proud of myself for opening up wider horizons, more doors and for still finding the beauty in the lyrics, melodies and the different beats no matter what type of music it is. I love meaningful songs- I am a songwriter (very artistic and deep lol), I guess that is where it all comes from. Not only does the song has to have a moral- something specifically that moves me. Something that gives me goosebumps and sends my backbone off with excitement. But, it also has to have an awesome hook, and melody. (I guess I expect a lot from songs). When it comes to a dancing/club banger song it is a complete different story. I have to able to feel the rhythm in my heart and it has to enable me to have a combination of releasing sexual frustration on the dance floor- if you know what I mean? (grinding) lol, jumping up and down, laughing, hands up in the air, body sweating, lips licking, the vibe of the people around enjoying themselves- (doing the same as me). Then that is when I know I am lending my soul, body and ears to a good ass song.

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