Monday, September 14, 2009

New Obsession.

OK... Where to begin with Alexander McQueen? Well, I'll be completely honest with everyone- I was not a fan. But, now I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!! I have a new obsession with his Pre Spring/ Summer collection 2010. Oh lord it is truly magic... It is the collection that I as an aspiring Editor-In-Chief would without-a-doubt have a full spread cover shoot, and a 16 page spread. I adore the abstract fabric- very futuristic. All of McQueen's pieces were all so different yet it was all so cohesive. The metallic, yellow/black abstract prints, faded blues, ruffled flowers, and the pointed shouldered blazers all equals a fashion masterpiece. (It kinda reminds me of the clothes seen in the comic book Watchmen... AWESOME!!) The yellow and black abstract pieces reminds me of a bumblebee, they are striking fashionable silhouettes- "They are cute like a butterfly but they sting like bees." If you know what I mean.

I love royal blue, it is definitely one of my favorite colors. It is so rich and bold- hot.. or should I say cold? lol

The dress is Ms. Queen Bee. Bzzz!

I love the way this cardigan looks tilted yet it fits. It is awkwardly right.

Beautiful bumblebees.

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