Monday, August 31, 2009


OK readers I have a new announcement to write.
Starting today there will be new sections on my blog.

For example:

-Rising FFD: Self explanatory. The trendiest Fashion Forward Dude's that are starting trends or simply have a sense of style that makes people giggle with excitement. Young male fashionistas stepping their games up, and rising to the occasion of inspiration.

-Quote of the Day: Which will be just that, the quote of the day. A mesmerizing quote that moved me the moment I laid eyes on it.

-The Spot Light: I will be posting a certain individual that really has been shinning bright. Fashion wise, musically, or just in the entertainment industry. People I am able to spot talent! And I definitely know style! I got the 'EYE.'

-Note To Self: It is strictly a quick reminder. An opinion that I need to express. (You guys know that I am opinionated! lol)

-Parallel Soundtrack: This is the section that enables you guys to have an insight of the music I love. It is the song that takes me back to my parallel Universe with eyes wide open.The latest music that I am jamming to. It is the theme song of the day. Songs that I hope you guys check out. (I'll be putting a link or something.)

-101 Your GO To Dude or (ASK AWAY!): Well, not many know but I am the "go to guy" for all of my friends, just everyone I know really. Complete strangers completely pour out their entire life tale. And I being a good listener...listen. They ask me what they should do in a situation and I begin given them advice in literally three seconds, I guess it comes natural to me. I am very sympathetic. So, I thought I can bring that to my blog. (Lets get more personal people!) Ask AWAY!

-Fashion Tip: Your daily fashion tip, Do's and Dont's. (Hopefully I get inspire by the big "No-No's" I see at school, the streets, or simply outfits I am cursed to remember. Outfits that scarred my eyes lol.

My over all plan? To excite my blog. Ok, everyone I'll be updating.. so continue reading my post's. Thanks.