Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I VOW....

The beginning of something new.
Hello there Monsters. Hope everything is good. Sorry I took so long to continue writing.
Well, here goes my first vow as a blogger:

Now that school is out and high school is out of the picture it'll be easier for me to blog more often. As of today I vow that every Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I will posting a new blog. Something to keep all of you updated and entertained.

I will be mostly talking about Fashion, Music, and Celebrities. But what is a blog without writing your true opinion on things that bother you? I'll make sure to express anything that pops into my head. I like writing with humor so get ready to laugh a bit more. Plus I will be posting advice, I've been told I am the best. Word is that I am very trustworthy and loyal, just call me your new go-to-guy.

BTW: I ask of you to spread the word around about the "WalkingSponge."
Please I really do need more readers!! Thanx.

I solute away Monsters. -M.I.G

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