Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Advice No. 1

I've learned that when mommy whispers into your little ears, "cover your mouth." Then do it!! She has a reason why she is telling you. You can only blame yourself, when mommy tells you to take an umbrella with you and you quickly yell at her "no, I'll be fine!" While rejecting her help, later finding yourself walking in the pouring rain running for shelter. Chaim on you, when your mommy tells you, "take napkins wherever you go because you'll never know when you'll need it." While you walk away ignoring her acting as if you never heard a word then having to wipe your boogers on your jeans. Kinda embarrassing... And monsters when mommy has that "bad feeling, sixth sense, third eye type of crap" most likely trust her. According to my mother it is a motherly gift to detect when danger is arising from the dark horizon. Believe me she is not making your life a living hell. Her job as a lioness is to protect her cubs and attack the enemies. I learned my lesson. The point is not to stay under her wings forever but to build independence and the best life skills. "You never know what comes your way, so always be prepared."


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