Friday, April 10, 2009

"Fashionable Dudes," so what?

Jonas Brothers three of the most well dressed dudes
in Hollywood; Idols, fashion icons, and all straight- perfect example.

Yo Monsters, how's it going? I just have to voice my opinion once again. (I was not going to mention anything but it all slowly but shortly got to me. It was as if I was wearing a bullseye on my back and all the ignorance just stabbed me.) "F.F.D" abbreviation for Fashion-Forward Dude, get with it or get lost. Now in days fashion doesn't only stay in Hollywood and between girls. Guys dress the part as well. The tables have turned and we like it there. "They say that Leopards cant change spots..but something does change." News flash... Guys are just into Fashion as Chicks are! So, please I will highly love it if everyone will embrace it and move on. Perhaps, you all will learn something from us? Don't judge, and just keep walking. Open up your minds Monsters we are in the 21st century now! Shit is changing. We guys are fashion-forward now, we enjoy clothes and we like to look good. We take the exact same amount of time or more to change clothes the same as girls do. Hey, who doesn't want to have a confidence boost? And no, not all of us are queer! Hearing that kills me! LOL. GOSH it disgusts me how people can be so ignorant, and judgmental.

Clothes is a way to express your feelings; is an art. Don't start rumors about a specific someone just because he/she is wearing something way different then you are. That is a bitch ass movement and it is a sign of weakness, insecurity, and jealousy. It is truly sad and pathetic. One minute fashion is in and the next is out. So, why would you want to waist your breath on something that tomorrow wont really matter? Is all about being positive and helping one another; give an advice and move on. Fashion is like a hummingbird it moves from flower to flower. But don't get mad if that someone completely ignores you. There is nothing more personal then having your own individual style. They will assume your "hating" and block you out. You can't always help those that don't ask for help. And please don't give an opinion if you have no style at all. We can't all be fashionistas.

I want all you monsters to leave here thinking about accouple of things. First of all; enjoy fashion, wear what you wish and do it with confidence. Like I say "confidence is the key word towards everything." Second, think different- when a trend is in style it does not necessarily mean that you must wear it because everyone else is wearing it. But it is how you wear it and how it makes you stand out from the crowd that makes it cool. Feel comfortable in your own skin monsters. Third of all don't forget to be a trendsetter in your own way. Different is in, don't be a victim of fashion, your the predator and fashion is your prey. Well Monsters, stop judging others and if you are the one being judged don't get burned by the heat. At times we must rise from the ashes and like the Phoenix emerge from the flames.
-M.I.G : ]

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