Saturday, March 28, 2009

Questioning The WalkingSponge? Dont.

(Read this in a dark, and mysterious voice)

"Point blank don't ever question The WalkingSponge, okay?!!"

(Back to your regular squeaky voice)
Where do I start? Perhaps the name? Where does it come from? The "WalkingSponge" comes from getting inspired too quickly to write. The quote that started everything was;"Im like a walking sponge absorbing ideas. Send by the man above; delivered by my Muse into my ears filling me with revolutionary ideas." I better not find this anywhere else because I vow that if I ever catch anyone else displaying this anywhere else I will become a total GORILLA.
j.k j.k!

Yo whuteva, im M.I.G and this is my new Blog! I am a very opinionated and weird- I mean what is normal right? YOU ALL JUST ENTERED MY Parallel Universe, and ya are in for a treat. I have to say one thing to my new followers, that is to never question my opinions and beliefs. If anything I say bother any of you, you all know crystal clear where the "closed" button is located. (For the handicapped is on the top right corner.) LOL.

Well enjoy. I welcome you all to a fun, adventurous but bumpy ride.

-M.I.G : ]

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  1. Im excited,welcome mr walking sponge.