Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bespoken 2011

This is my favorite picks from Bespoken's 2011 collection.
I need to replicate this look! At first I thought he was wearing a little thin tie but I was fooled, it is the shirt! lol

 Dandy... look at the shoes and trousers!
 Fedora's stand up, it is time to rise again! lol (I want skinny khakis like these)
 I love this fedora but there is a funny story to why I truly love it: Last week I was stopped by a sarcastic cop in the Bronx, NY and I was wearing a fedora that looked just like this one. I'm a 6'0'' tall dude (I look kinda Mexican here and there) and I also wore a leather jacket and boots-- I guess she thought I was up to no good, so she thought I was an immigrant! 0_0 HAHA What a jerk. I felt so discriminated but being the strong man that I am; after she made me miss my train, stopped me and humiliated me in front of many, and searched me; I got on my train and wore my fedora with power-- this one goes out to all my immigrants!! VIVA!
Love this look. Very cohesive. (Need these shoes-- so shiny).

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