Monday, August 23, 2010

Ooh, Love Your Outfit


Where? Lookbook. Who? Donal T. (Visit his cool blog at: What? I love this look it's so cohesive. And the blazer, dude, it is the cherry on top of the fashionable ice cream that only we know about, yummy. When? Well, I vowed last school year that this new school year coming up it will be all about blazers, blazers, blazers!! The stripe t-shirt is super nice, I would have done the same thing or I would have worn a simple bold color shirt underneath. He did an amazing job. Skinny jeans are always a must of course, and some nice boat shoes.. hallelujah. So, basically this is the look that I will be sporting for a while. It is so amazing when you see other Fashion-Forward Dudes' sporting the same style... fashionable minds do think alike. Why? The look is classy, elegant and very polished. I call it, "a businessman trying to run away from his office but simply it is apart of who he is, he can't," don't judge me lol.    BLAZERS ARE SO IN. Go for it guys!



  1. just it!

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  3. I love it! Thanks for making this blog, It's nice to see some fashion forward guys! There really needs to be more of them.

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