Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Patrick Demarchelier


"Get me Patrick!" -Miranda Priestly From the Devil Wears Prada. I love that movie! Anyway while going over my blog I noticed that I've never had a post on the best-of-the-best Mr. Patrick Demarcherlier. I was chocked, completely disgusted with myself :'( Only one question directly jumped into my wild mind... Why?! Here it is; PART 1 on some of many of my my favorite pictures taken by Uncle Dermarchelier (that's what I personally call him). Cough, cough.. if you don't know who this is then I'm sorry but you simply don't know about fashion. Simple as that. But I'll be nice and tell you who this God is. Patrick Demarchelier is an amazing French fashion photographer who has shot for everything and everyone, he usually makes his home at Vogue Magazine. And Anna Wintour, worlds best Editor-In-Chief, always books him for most of Vogues shoots because he constantly delivers extreme masterpieces. His creativity is on a different level where not many can reach. I vow down to him and to his ability of capturing the true essence of everything. Long live the king! Check out his website, where I got these amazing pics from; at:



  1. such a great visionary, capturing ballet and fashion intertwined

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