Friday, May 14, 2010



On the Daily 10 today on Channel E! Sal went over the Fashion-for-Dudes section... I think that's what it's called. And he revealed a little website that in less then an hour I have falling in love with; visit, DOGFUNK.COM it is amazing! There is so many freaking things for a low price! I call it, simply heaven. Now that I'm obsessed with watches, since in my rightful mind it showcases and represents class, elegance and maturity; this is what I am debating on getting.  


" A real man will always find time on his left wrist."

Nooka Zirc Watch, $349.95, (I prefer the gold one but they also have this very same awesome watch in black and another in white).
Nixon Spencer Watch, $239.95 (Bronze is so sexy, don't you think? But to does that like black, they also have it.)

Nixon Score Watch, ONLY $79.95, (Enough said.)

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