Monday, March 1, 2010

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2010


How's it going? So today I stumbled upon Ann Demeulemeester's Fall 2010 Collection and let me tell you I liked it. In all honesty I didn't really enjoy her clothes due to the fact that it looked a bit gothic, way too dark, and a late 1800's vampire-ish style. But this Fall collection was extremely captivating. It seemed like the vampire truly fell in love, had a change of heart and lightened up his look... literally. The clothes and show is so much lighter and I like it that way. Its more relatable, something that any FFD can wear. Thank you Demeulemeester!


Again deciding on "My Top 2" is so difficult to chose. So from now on the "My Top 2" is becoming "My Top 5!!" lol

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