Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

Lady Gaga continue to excite me once again. She is one of the most creative and fashionable people in the entertainment game to this day. Many might not understand her style but remember that 'fashion is all about taking risks'-- and she does every single time. No one can compare her with anyone else. She is truly unique. I would love to take a trip through her parallel world.. I'll just call it a "Supernova Phenomena Quest." Don't argue with it just get on the band wagon this is gonna be a bumpy ride filled with weird things to the naked eye created out of Gaga's total imagery.


  1. i love her she's amazing! and the post under is hella crazy! great styling and make up and everything!

  2. What she wears and does is different and surprising. But it's not GOOD.