Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BLANK LABEL- "You Be the Designer"

This is awesome!! People please check this web! So, automatically what the heck do ya think about when you read Blank Label? (Cool name huh?) Well, stop guessing I'll tell you.... Drum Roll please... BOom, Bo0m, BOOM!! My friends at Blank Label are a awesome company where you are able to alter whatever you like on a shirt. Its like a personal mini store, where you can tailor your shirts.

Straight from the Director of Blank Label Danny Wong:
"We take the DIY approach, where we give you the options, but you be the designer. We will also offer "suggested" designs as well, if you need some inspiration or are more likely to purchase a shirt you fall in love with rather than creating one yourself. But the customization comes in the detail. You can customize the inside lining of the collar, cuff, or placket separately. But then you can also customize the exterior. The linings and the exteriors can be a completely different color / pattern / fabric compared to the rest of the shirt. Imagine a white dress shirt with a red placket, and a blue / white gingham lining inside the cuff. Hot right?"

So, afraid of loosing your lovely shirt? Well, no more fear- Blank Label enables you to place your name on the collar! You wont be arguing with your roommate anymore about who the shirt belongs to. Ain't that awesome? Tired of the old one-color button down shirt? Wish that you can magically mix two of your favorite shirts together without making it seem tacky? Well, the magic is not fiction any longer. Fiction has become reality.. Blank Label magically makes this happen for you, don't ask me how but they do. Make your shirts more personal and stand out by placing your revolutionary ideas on it! Unique is in, boring is out. Tired of drowning in a ocean of cliche clothes? Blank Label is your life jacket-- put it on!! Trust me they will not allow you to drown.

Visit the web at:

Thanks Danny Wong for informing me.

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