Monday, August 3, 2009

Escalating Point

You guys this is seriously escalating to a very dark place now. I guess is not so much the five year old boy. Now is the girl with the egg-like eyes.
She was sweet in the very beginning, (let me keep you guys reminded that this has been only the first day.)
Anyway, "Egg-like Eyes" (Official New Nickname) keeps cursing in Spanish of course and she keeps hitting me, spitting at me, threatening me that she will spill coke and water on the carpet if I don't "cry" (mad emo). She is ripping any paper she puts her filthy bacteria fingers on, and BTW now I'm very itchy.

Yo, no way- whats that I hear?! I think I'm hearing the heavens above singing, an orchestra of pure excitement..... she-is-crying (YESS!!!) well because her annoying little self bump herself on my sisters bed frame.... Okay, I kinda push her.... No I'm JK..... I did say kinda. LOL.

Well, we'll see what happens next. They will be here for 'TEN MORE FUCKING DAYS'

(Light bulb) I should name this quest right? Help me out you guys!!
The Trendy Dwarf , yeah man, c'mon my blogging bro help me out.


  1. LMAO!!!! My advice...liquor those mofo's up! they will be sound asleep in no time! haha j/k
    try and actually play with them! you might be surprised how much fun you will have! Play "maid" with them and have them pretend to be your maids and let them get you stuff while you stay on your laptop blogging and enjoying yourself! LOL