Thursday, August 13, 2009

DVF's Dramatic Hair Bow

For the Fashionable,

There she goes once again, always walking gracefully with a elegant smile down the runway. I'm in love with Diane Von Furstenberg and everything she does. She is to my opinion the modern Coco Chanel. Always taking risks and making sure that every detail fits just right. All her pieces are each so very different yet they're completely cohesive with one another, which amazes me. I love the dramatic bold yet playful colors and the breezy style. This is DVF Pre-Spring 2009/2010 collection. DVF accessorizes to the fullest. She makes the accessory stand out to an extreme although the outfit is not lost, simply looked upon in a different light. Which makes the night truly memorable. Furstenberg is able to make hair bows so exquisite, powerful and just as important as the entire collection. "Exageration is fashion," this entire collection is exaggerated and it rocks!


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  1. Dude....I agree with you so much! I love all the pictures and ensembles! My favorite is the last one and look 18! The big bow on their heads is so funny but also original and unique! Finally! Your back! I am going to try and help you out with the views and followers...well don't count on followers, because I only have 15 anyway. Loving this post!
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