Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Try to answer this question..

Is it so difficult to fucking dress decent?! SHIT.

I'm at school on a 3 hour break waiting for class to begin and I'm seeing people left and right, some nail it-- they look straight out of a runway but then there are those that look like crap. Why?


  1. Bwahahahaha!! Well maybe it's like having common sense. Some possess it and lord knows some don't.

    And btw, I totally digs your over-sized nerdy glasses ;)


  2. Some just don't care what they look like and some don't care what others look like. Tired? slap on some sweatpants. Feeling to impress someone? then go all out. It's truthfully a matter a perspective in my opinion, but nothing...NOTHING...can top a classic suit for a special occasion.BTW you know who i am lol, btw you know who i am, btw you know who i am...oh i think i just "echo"-d haha