Monday, August 3, 2009

Two words to sum all this up- Demonic Children

This is kinda long but here is a deep ass poem I wrote about these people and their kids that are staying at my house from the Dominican Republic. I'm sorry but I had to vent my feelings and write!!! (They are at the mall right now, hallelujah, and I am re-feeling the serenity... Well, kinda... I just hope they stay over there.)

People, today I literally woke up crying and whining because does little kids (ages 3-5 to be exact) WOKE ME UP!! YO they were yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of their lungs. I guess they thought that they were being amusing but really they were mad annoying.

Not, only did they ate all of my food but the father of the Tragic Clan- "The Fearful 5" gave me an authority while his fat ass relaxes, eat more junk food, and go shopping. I-saw-my- life flash right before my very own eyes. The very phrase I did not want to hear projected from his monstrous voice into my tired ears. "I am going to leave my son with you."
Exaggeration: I heard the Devil Laughing.


Through my journey the little boy seemed to completely miss the toilet and pee directly on the floor creating a lake of bacteria and madness.

Sorry here's the poem:

They, were not just an ordinary small force of tornado blast to recon with. Nor a level five hurricane from the Caribbean. They were completely worse, their loud cries, evil looks and hands of destruction with the touch of death breaking anything they grasped destroyed my house. All my mothers work- the work of an angel AKA a clean freak got harassed, my home truly flipped inside/out. In matter of seconds they moved completely in, taking command of every corner. My house became theirs, the bathroom shifted into what comforted them the most with a resemblance of their own what they called, "the potty room." I soon became a hypocrite, laughing when they laughed without knowing what the hell they were expressing. I smiled with my eyes when they glanced my way hiding my tired look with a crocked smile. I've noticed, that not many see my eyes water with tears of sadness. But, that one little girl did, the girl with the egg-like eyes, the girl that belonged to the Tragic Clan which in my imagination soon became known as the "fearful 5." Call me weak, call me a failure but what I do know is that they are demons disguised as little angelic looking, beautiful children. They are a hazard to themselves. They will follow you and drive you mad. DONE.

THEY ARE BACK!!! NO!!!!!!!

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