Sunday, March 29, 2009

WHAT, Girls don't Fart?!?

Hot girls do it to. LOL.

Yo Monsters, I truly despise it with my life when girls say that they don't "release gas." WTF!! who in the hell does not fart??!!! Look I think even God farted. Yes indeed he was perfect, but I think that he created the "fart system" to enjoy pleasure and laugh a little. A man, alone in a empty universe Besides creating Eve he had to find another way of entertaining himself right? Well, girls the most cool and beautiful thing to do is to embrace one self in every shape or form. Breath through the nose and exhale through your ass. LOL. Really, trust me!

Like this friend of mine (cough, cough) lets just call her S. She says that she has never farted, and that she finds it completely disgusting and tacky, ummm.... "knock, knock." Whose there? Is your. Is your who? Is your ass bitch let me breath!!! LOL. I'm sorry S. but is just BS. If you don't fart then I am a flying carpet! Does every shit of yours turn into a flower which then blossoms from the ground? NO!! Babe, we all do it. Don't deny it just admit it.

I want all of you monsters to leave here with one thing in your head. As it is said, "confidence is the key word towards everything." So if you ever decide to pass gas in the streets, in an elevator, in a car, or in a airplane, etc.. You will be forgiven and looked upon as if you leave with confidence and attitude. Im out.

-M.I.G : ]


  1. ahahha, woooww. that photo is intense.

  2. Lol,yeah she had to do it sometimes,as an infant perhaps.

  3. oh my gosh, this reminds me of my used to be friend M. Not only did she say she doesn't fart, she said she doesn't poop. Probably why she is so full of crap.